About Dr. Kelley

DSC01227-smallPhysician Gregory Kelley is board certified in family medicine and has been in practice serving Choctaw and Eastern Oklahoma County since 1981.

During his years as a family physician, Doctor Kelley has been on staff and affiliated with many of the area hospitals and has served as chairmen of the family practice department at two different hospitals. He also served as Chief of Staff at one of the hospitals in Oklahoma City.

Doctor Kelley’s practice includes ambulatory medicine caring for patients of all ages. He cares for patients with personal injuries, which frequently includes those that have been in car wrecks. Among other things, he also administers DOT Physicals and helps patients with Immunotherapy treatments.

Doctor Kelley is married with two daughters.

Our Location & Hours


We are located in Choctaw, Oklahoma. 
13190 NE 23rd St.
Choctaw, OK 73012

Phone Numbers:

Office: 405-769-7201
Fax: 405-769-4034
Allergy Clinic: 405-769-2999


Mon. and Thurs. 8:00-12:00; 1:30-5:30
Tues. and Wed. 8:00-12:00; 1:30-5:00
Fri. 8:00-12:00

What We Offer

Services provided at Kelley Family Clinic: